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Interview with Rebecca Wolford, founder and CEO of Creative Habitat.

"Creative Habitat was founded on the belief strong families are the heart of a strong community.  

It is our goal to strengthen family unity by uniting families and providing affordable childcare and coworking resources under the same roof.  

We aim to restore work/life balance and offer community support for women seeking business development and quality childcare resources as they are growing their businesses and families.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to grow a business.  

Creative Habitat is bringing back the village one family at a time."

Rebecca's been in the industry for the past 2 years and is already leading one of the best coworking spaces in Iowa.

We asked her several questions about her space and how she is dealing with the current pandemic.

-What motivates you to get up and continue what you do today?

There is a huge shortage in quality, affordable and flexible childcare across our nation, especially in the wake of the pandemic where several childcare providers can no longer afford to keep their doors open. Childcare is essential to productivity for the creative class who need uninterrupted, focused time to do their best work. We provide a flexible coworking + childcare solution to provide work/life balance for entrepreneurs and remote workers alike.

-What seems to be the business problem or challenges that you have today? What keeps you awake at night?

Developing a sustainable strategy to scale our model to serve more working families especially in light of the pandemic and the increased need for flexible coworking and childcare options.

-How are your space and members coping with this unprecedented situation?

Many women business owners we serve are the primary caretakers of their children and have been pulled into homeschooling and increased childcare responsibilities in the midst of the pandemic which has limited their time to develop and grow their business. This is impacting their physical, mental, emotional, and financial health and well being.

-Which actions did you do in order to remodel and prepare your space in order to keep your tenants healthy?

We have transitioned our in-person meetings at our space to small meetups at local community partner spaces where only two or three families meet at a time. We also have a hybrid digital membership option to continue to collaborate and build community.

-How do you see the future? Give us your projection/analysis

We predict a greater need for coworking + childcare given an increase in remote workers seeking flexible childcare solutions as a result of the pandemic. That being said our model is extremely hands-on and difficult to operate with social distancing guidelines given childcare requires regular face-to-face interaction.

Find out more about this incredible space at Creative Habitat

If you would like to participate and feature your coworking business, please click here

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